Illuminus Media Pvt. Ltd. is a company providing language and media solutions: translations, voiceovers, subtitling, dubbing and localization in various spheres. Having worked with various clients from across the globe, we focus on quality service to our clients, with good turnaround times. We have handled projects on e-learning (voice localization), translation and proofreading of content for many top companies around the globe.

While we focus on quality in all our fields of expertise, our strongest pillar is voice-based localization. Having been in the audio recording/music production field for almost 20 years and having worked on international collaborations, we understand the importance of quality control in this field, which many other companies cannot guarantee, simply because they may not have the necessary in-house expertise to have such stringent quality standards. We even provide training to our producers and voice artists on how to raise their production standards, with regular tips and personalized suggestions on how to raise the bar on quality.

We, at Illuminus Media Pvt. Ltd, are firmly dedicated to providing quality services to our clients, and work towards building long-lasting business relationships.

We strive to stay constantly abreast of the latest developments in our verticals, and we deliver consistently.

Somesh Illuminus MediaSomesh Thakur:
Founder and Director,
Illuminus Media Pvt. Ltd.
As Illuminus Media’s founder and director, Somesh Thakur guides our technical and business development. His 20 years’ experience in translations, voice overs, films and music production, along with his understanding of emerging media, such as social media, SEO, localization services add richly to the company’s depth of services.
As promoter/investor, Jonathan has passionately worked to make the outsourced services to India a success story. He also paves the way in marketing our services and keeps us on the world map of premium service providers. Jonathan Raj Aneja

Jonathan Raj Aneja:
Illuminus Media Pvt. Ltd.


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