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SEO services

What is SEO and what do SEO services constitute? Search engine optimization, or SEO as it is commonly referred to, is process of optimizing web content to get higher visibility in the search engines. For example, when you type a search query into Google, you want to find your answer quickly. Typically, you will find a list of sites that deliver relevant information to your query. Chances are, that you most likely won’t go to the second page to look for your answer, and the first 10 websites on page 1 should be enough to answer your questions.

Well thought-out SEO services, strategies and well-executed SEO campaigns can rank a website pretty high – typically within the top 10 rankings for your keyword.

What can that do? Imagine that you have a shop on a busy street, and yours is the first shop in your niche on that street, and even though you have competition in your niche on that street, being ahead of everyone, obviously you will get more potential customers walking in through your doors.

Well, in effect, this is what well-executed SEO services, delivering high SERP (or search engine ranking positions), can do for your site. Having lots of organic traffic for free (meaning visitors that come to your site through search queries) is great. Let’s say that you have a 2% conversion rate (pretty decent) for your traffic. This means that if you have 1000 visitors a day, you are making 20 sales. This is pretty good and certainly worth it.

If you have dealt with any type of PPC advertising on the web, you will find that pretty soon your advertising costs run high, and your click-to-conversion ratio may not even be viable enough to keep paying out money for. Compare this to a well-executed SEO campaign, which can sky-rocket your sales manifold. And who doesn’t want free traffic? Do you see now why SEO services need to be an essential part of your marketing strategy?

The Importance of SEO Services:

Many people think that once they have a website, they have a ‘presence’ on the web, and from then on, things are going to just expand. Not necessarily.

Just having a website isn’t enough! Just as being in a city isn’t enough. How are people going to find you – especially if you are not listed somewhere, and you don’t have a way for people to trace you? It’s the same on the internet.

If your website can’t be found easily by people who are searching for your niche, and if your website is not ranking high – at least on page 1 of Google, then you may as well forget it, because without traffic, the most aesthetically designed website is not good.

So how do you get traffic to your site – which will result in sales – which makes your business grow? It’s done through a process called Search Engine Optimization. In fact, you will find that on the internet, “As you SEO, so shall you reap.”

So true!

If You Don’t Yet Have a Business Website:

And if you can’t be found with a quick Google search – don’t wait any longer! You are losing customers and a lot of money! A growing percentage of potential customers nowadays are using the internet to find what they need and a much lower percentage is using the printed media. The Yellow Pages is a dying method to hope to be found, print media is a thing of the past!

Each of our clients has a unique set of needs and we will tailor-make our approach to your business’s needs, creating visibility online and generating new customers and sales.

We will set up your business website according to your specifications, including a lead capture form to generate new customers and optimization of each page to make sure you rank as high as possible in the major search engines.

If You Already Have A Business Website:

We offer you a one time free website evaluation of any page of your website to help you evaluate your present ranking and then, with you, we will shape our SEO strategy from the report we generate.

How Our SEO Services Work:

When you give us the go ahead for your SEO campaign, we carefully analyze your niche. Maybe you already know your keywords, but we still go ahead and research your niche carefully with our professional team and software. We research ‘buying’ keywords for you – keywords which would be typed into the search engines by people who are likely to buy – then we optimize the site for you. We also analyze your competition, their strength, presence, and based on that, we tailor-make a strategy plan for you.

The first step we always undertake is on-page optimization. If your on-page content is not optimized, we can guarantee very little success.

The second step is careful off-page optimization, through social bookmarking, press releases, articles, forums, blogs, video marketing, etc., which will bring your site link juice. This is a lengthy process, depending on your niche, but we give it the utmost importance and deliver results time after time.

What If You Already Have Someone Who Provides You SEO Services?

If that is the case, you can still ask for a free SEO audit from us as part of our SEO services. You may want to evaluate the effectiveness of your SEO campaigns, and get fresh ideas on how to improve them.

In order to request a free SEO audit, we need the following information from you:

1. Any one URL of your choice.
2. Your primary keyword for that URL.

Once we get this information from you, we will spend some time generating a comprehensive SEO report based on the data you provide. Please give us 48-72 hours to deliver this to you.

Please note that we can also do in-depth SEO analysis of your entire domain and site. Please fill out the form below for a comprehensive SEO analysis and recommendations from our SEO services.

We, at Illuminus Media, will help increase your visitors and sales through our SEO services.

You can decide to opt for either our:

1. One-time SEO Package, or
2. Ongoing SEO Package.

Please contact us for our tailor-made SEO services below.

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