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Software localization is usually the term when you refer to the process of adapting a software product to the linguistic, cultural and technical needs of a particular target market. Quite simply put, software localization is the process of publishing software in different languages – according to need and the country you plan to market it in. It involves making sure that whatever the user sees – menus, help files, interface, etc. are all in the native language of the end user. It also involves that any aspects of the software which might culturally alienate the user from it are accordingly localized and better adapted to the user, based on his language and cultural preference.

Software Localization Helps to Expand Your Markets

Software localization is always a big need – especially if you have international users. Take a look at Windows or any other popular software that is in use across the globe. How many language versions do they have? Plenty, right? Enough to cover every language market, isn’t it?

If you make any kind of software, and if you are limiting yourself to just English, you are making a mistake. There is a huge market amongst the non-English speaking masses. This is where software localization comes in.

Take a look at some of the non-English speaking countries, for example. You have China – with almost 20% of the world’s entire population housed with that country. Their native language is Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, and many other versions of it), but it’s not English.

What about Latin America? You have Brazil – where they speak Portuguese, and the rest of it is Spanish.

Would your software business benefit from localization? You bet it would.

Software Localization or Software Translation: What Does it Involve?

At Illuminus Media, we take the utmost care that your software localization is of the highest quality. The translations are put through a check and cross-check system, which helps eliminate chances of errors, spellings, grammatical or in meaning. Our team of professionals who manage these tasks are more than capable and experienced to handle any task.

Our turnaround time is fast, and efficient. We keep you constantly updated on the progress at each step of the project, and give you regular reports. We maintain the strictest quality controls and confidentiality.

We like delighting customers time after time. And they always like to come back!

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