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At Illuminus Media, we provide localization services which help you present your content in a different language – be it websites, audio, video, text or multimedia.

In today’s rapidly expanding markets, businesses are always looking for a way to present themselves in newer, innovative ways. However, with each new market comes new challenges as well. What if your target markets don’t speak your native language? This is where you need localization services that can help you – all the while maintaining the integrity of your content, so that nothing is changed. The translations are done very professionally, keeping in mind idiomatic expressions of each language intact.

Localization involves translation of any media to adapt it to the language and culture of a country with language barriers, keeping in mind cultural differences and understanding of colloquial terms.

Benefits of Localization Services:

Here are some benefits of localization:

1. You can enter foreign markets.
2. Reach new potential clients in their own languages.
3. Increase global sales.
4. Gain the edge over rivals in the same market.

Next, how do we go about localizing a product?

Spectrum of Localization Services at Illuminus Media:

Our localization services not only include translation services, but having been in the field of audio recording / dubbing for several years, and our vast global network, we also do voice overs as well.

Here is an overview of our localization services:

All of our translations are done in two stages: the original documents are translated by a professional translator (native language speaker), submitted for proofreading and correction to a language expert, and only once it is approved, the document is cleared. In case of software, we have it also run by an industry professional in the same language. The same goes for voice overs and dubbing, where we focus on getting the right accent down, because we know how important it is to communicate correctly.

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