Website Localization

website localization

Website localization is the process of customizing a website in terms of language, nationality, cultural conformity, so as to make it friendly to visitors from a certain country or language.

We can offer you website localization in almost any language, but we highly recommend that you first migrate to a CMS for your site, if you already have not. The CM we recommend most is WordPress, being the platform that Google absolutely loves, and majors like CNN, The New York Times and even People magazine use it.

We can do your site in almost any no. of languages, and you can take a look at the list here.

How Does Our Website Localization Work?

It’s really quite simple.

Let’s say you want your site also in French, Italian, Spanish and German. First we get your site translated, and then we arrange them through WordPress Network, so that you only need to have one master login and control panel for all the sites. If you change something in the master panel, you see it reflected in all your other language sites. Of course, the content would continue to be be translated by humans, since we don’t leave that to software.

And here is where our website localization gets even better! We set up an automatic IP detecting system, which is very easy to do within WordPress, so that when you get a visitor from a certain country, the IP detector senses that, and directs him to the language version which would be native to him!

You can have any no. of localized websites under the same control panel, and even the plugins are either installed individually or globally on all the sites.

We also localize your web videos, podcasts, presentations, etc. Please visit our list of localization services to know more.

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